SONO-VIEW Display-Interface Module

SONO-VIEW is a smart stand-alone display/interface to any SONO-sensor. The SONO-VIEW can connect with up to 12 SONO moisture probes and sensors.

The SONO-VIEW is a smart stand-alone local display for any SONO probe or sensor. Simultaneously view both percent moisture, sensor number and temperature for all connected sensors, in the backlit LCD display. Connect to the SONO-VIEW using a single 2-wire data bus.

Use the key-pad menu to select an individual sensor for any desired setting adjustment. In addition, the key-pad menu allows you to select a calibration (15-standard calibrations), adjust the offset and averaging method, and simulate the analog outputs scale during commissioning.

Using a USB cable, the SONO VIEW can be connected to a notebook computer, bypassing the keypad. This is convenient when making more detailed adjustments, data logging the sensors readings or during commissioning. When connecting a computer to the SONO-VIEW you will need the free SONOConfig software.

If a local display is not required then the optional SM-USB interface module, a notebook computer and free software will give you access to all the same settings, adjustments and parameters, available in the SONO-VIEW.

When considering making adjustment or setting changes to a sensor, it is important to review the manual and or contact technical support.

Contact Technical Support:

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