PICO Soil Moisture Probe

The PICO Soil Moisture Probe is used for monitoring volumetric moisture in soil and other porous materials in both large and small volumes.


PICO probes are custom designed for precise moisture measurements. New generation TRIME® TDR technology paired with MESA’s 25 years of sensor development know how and moisture measurement experience yield accurate readings with the highest repeatability possible.


Designed for both portable surface measurements and can buried for continuous measurements


Soil and other porous materials

  • User friendly and intelligent
  • Data logging
  • Moisture & temperature in one probe
  • Accurate real-time averaged moisture values at a rate of 4 per second
  • Simple digital interface using analog output
  • Factory calibrated
  • Significantly longer operation periods without the necessity of re-calibration and maintenance
  • Multiple interface capabilities
Interface Options:
  • HD2 Meter
  • BT (Bluetooth) module paired with a RPDA or smart-phone running our Android App
  • Interface to any data logger via the 0…1V DC outputs, SDI-12 or 4…20 mA using C-Box module
Available Versions:
  • The PICO64 probe is ideal for the measurement of large below soil volumes
  • The PICO32 probe is ideal for the measurement of smaller surface soil volumes
  • For highly saline environments the C-versions will operate where the soil water electrical conductivity to 50 dS/m. Standard are 160-mm rods; or order additional rod lengths of 110 or 200mm

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