HD2-Kit User Guide

HD2-Kit User Guide

The HD2-Kit is the convenient handheld aggregate moisture measurement solution!

Steps for Use:

  1. Insert SONO-M1 probe rod completely into the material
  2. Using the HD2 meter key-pad, select one of the 15-preinstalled material calibrations
  3. Press the start button to start taking measurements

Within two seconds you will have the results of your moisture measurement value on the LCD display.

Tips for best use:

  • Shake sample material to ensure full contact with SONO-M1 probe rods.
  • Customize any of the 15 preinstalled calibrations, by adjusting the offset or build your own material specific calibration using only two samples with known moisture values.
  • Individual values can be viewed and or a running average of up to six readings are visible on the display. You do not have to write down values and calculate an average, saving time and assuring accurate moistures values.
  • If a probe rod is damaged or bent it can be unscrewed and replaced.