Precise and reliable moisture measurement of fresh concrete mixtures, and water/cement ratio.


Concrete production, including ready-mix and precast. Portable operation.


Fresh concrete.

Quick Guide:

SONO-WZ probe, SONO-DIS meter, Padded Carrying Case.

  • Reduce lab work with this user friendly and intelligent device
  • Measurements available in both Liter/m3 and Pounds/cubic yard
  • Determine water content of fresh concrete directly on-site, in a matter of minutes
  • Enter the weight of the cement and get direct display of the w/c ratio
  • Adjustable for additives such as self-compacting concrete, fair faced concrete, light-weight concrete, heavy concrete, etc.
  • Achieve representative measurements with automatic averaging of data points
  • Enables correlation of recipe parameters such as cement content and slump of fresh concrete
  • Accurate real-time averaged moisture values at a rate of 4 per second

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