SONO-MIX Sensor for Concrete Mixers

The concrete sensor to measure moisture and material composition in fresh concrete – directly in the mixer.


SONO-MIX sensors are custom designed for on-line fresh concrete moisture and electrical conductivity measurement needs. Achieve high repeatability and accuracy by using SONO-MIX probes and sensors. New generation TRIME® TDR technology paired with MESA’s 30-years of sensor development know how and moisture measurement industrial experience will save you time and money in your concrete production.


Concrete production, including ready-mix and precast. On-line installation in the mixer.


Fresh concrete, including steel fiber concrete

  • User-friendly and intelligent
  • Achieve reliable quality control and higher cost-effectiveness by preventing recipe errors
  • Enables correlation of recipe parameters such as cement content and slump of fresh concrete
  • Accurate real-time averaged moisture values at a rate of 4 per second
  • High accuracy moisture and electrical conductivity measurements, even in wet mixtures
  • Significantly longer operation periods without the necessity of re-calibration and maintenance
  • Straightforward re-calibration in air and water, when required
  • Available in two different lengths to fit the dimensions of your mixer
  • Simple interfacing to common batching control systems using analog output
  • SONO-VIEW display module compatibility

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