SONO-VARIO for Low Density Materials

The SONO-VARIO — for precise moisture and temperature measurements of low density bulk materials, including those with large particle size.


SONO-VARIO sensors are custom designed for precise moisture and temperature measurements of bulk granular materials. Achieve high repeat-ability and accuracy by using SONO-VARIO probes and sensors. New generation TRIME® TDR technology paired with MESA’s 25 years of sensor development know how and moisture measurement industrial experience will save you time and money with advanced quality control.


On-line installation such as on a conveyor or weigh-belt.


Bulk granular materials, including materials with large particle size and low density.

  • User friendly and intelligent
  • Simple interfacing to common batching control systems using analog output
  • Accurate real-time averaged moisture values at a rate of 4 per second
  • 15 standard linear calibrations tailored for material type and installation, stored in the sensor
  • Significantly longer operation periods without the necessity of re-calibration, due to the automatic measurement compensation feature
  • Straightforward re-calibration in air and water, when required
  • SONO-VIEW compatible
Available Versions:
  • The SONO-VARIO-LD (Low Density) is for granular materials medium-low density. For very low density measurements look at the SONO-GS1
  • The SONO-VARIO LD ES, with remote electronics, extends a SONO sensor operating range to a temperature of 300°F (150°C).

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