Concrete & Aggregate Moisture Sensors

Precise moisture and temperature measurements of bulk materials
Utility software available

Achieve the highest accuracy and repeatability possible with the SONO-VARIO sensors. Designed for measuring the moisture of aggregates and fresh concrete and other construction materials.

It is possible to integrate the SONO-VARIO sensors into a wide array of batching plants and mixers. With standard interfaces, you can connect to all existing control systems.

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Process Moisture Measurement Devices

Based on proven TDR technology for maximum repeatability and precision
Windows software simplifies in-field sensor management

An extensive range of precise moisture measurement sensors for industrial applications from grains to aggregate.

Each sensor is designed to meet specific process conditions whether located in a dryer, conveyor, auger or kiln.

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TDR Soil Moisture Sensors for Professionals

Convenient to operate with one hand

Widely used for portable field determination of moisture measurements in soil, the TRIME system offers a wide selection of useful probe configurations for accurate site survey, depth profile and continuous data logging applications.

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Bluetooth module now available!

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Inductive Power/Data Coupling Devices

Ideal for eliminating cables

MESA's inductively coupled devices transfer power and data across a small air-gap without mechanical contact. The stationary module inductively transfers power to a rotating, indexing or a fixed mobile module. The mobile module rectifies the power, making it available to

  • Power sensors
  • Heaters
  • Cameras
  • Valves
  • Motors
  • Microprocessors
  • Charge batteries

If a system includes data coupling the data is transferred digitally. Communications can be formatted serially, as a databus or simple binary signals.

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