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MESA Systems Co., will be exhibiting our complete line of Aggregate and Fresh Concrete Moisture Measurement Probes for production and quality testing. All our SONO-probes are based on TDR [radar] technology and designed to meet your measurement requirements, suppling the high reliability and accuracy you demand, batch after batch.

MESA has over 30-years of application knowhow and field experience. We can help make your production more efficient and streamlined, today and for the long term.

NEW  – the SONO WZ + SONO DIS set for portable moisture measurements and direct reading of the w/c ratio of fresh concrete.

SONO-WZ Probe + SONO-DIS Meter with Carrying Case

If you are unfamiliar with the SONO probes for aggregate moisture measurement, that easily interface to the batch control system, please stop by and find out how to automate your production, without the need for periodic calibration or maintenance.

SONO-VARIO-Xtrem aggregate moisture probe under a clam gate

  • Highly accurate and repeatable moisture values
  • Low maintenance and reliable operation
  • Straightforward interface to batching and control systems
  • Innovative SONO radar technology (these are NOT microwave probes)
  • Solutions for Concrete production

Moisture Sensors for Process Control

MESA Systems Co. offers a series of moisture measurement probes and sensors for your process control needs. Tailored for your installation and material needs, these probes and sensors are both user-friendly and intelligent. Achieve reliable quality control and higher cost-effectiveness by preventing recipe errors with precise measurements.