HD2 meter and PICO64 probe

The portable HD2 + PICO64 provide accurate moisture values in soil, sand and limestone

The portable HD2 meter and a PICO probe provide accurate moisture values in soil, sand and limestone.

To conduct measurements, the probe rods are simply inserted completely into the soil and the measurement is performed with the pressing of the start button. Within two seconds, the moisture measurement value is presented on the clear (backlit) LED display.

HD2 + PICO 64 is able to provide the user with a moisture content value having a measured volume of 1.25 liters, with only one measurement. In the operation mode "Average Value", just 6 measurements are sufficient to provide the fast and accurate measurement of a material volume of 7.5 liters within a few seconds.

The HD2 meter can be paired with the any PICO probe (PICO64 or PICO32) or the T3-44 for T3-50 tube access probes connected to the PICO-IPH electronics.

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