TRIME® Moisture Probe Design

The extremely durable SONO probes and sensors withstand exposure to 1-1/4″ gravel falling from great heights.

Repetitive contact between concrete aggregates and moisture probes and sensors lead to inevitable abrasion. Microwave moisture probes must use a ceramic covering, which caused failures due to uneven abrasion leading to deviation of several percent, in a very short time period. In conventional moisture probes, the electrical field lines have to pass the ceramic covering before they can penetrate into sand and gravel to take a measurement. Even in the event of minor abrasion, the electrical field alters and therefore may lead to considerable errors that may amount to several percent deviations and multiple calibrations.

The SONO radar technology based probes and sensors have an innovative probe-head construction with a centered guided radar conductor in direct contact with the aggregate or concrete. This guided radar wave technology ensures that the electrical field intensity does not change, even in the event of abrasion. An automatic integrated measurement compensation function warrants for consistent and precise measurement results. This functionality enables significant longer operating periods without the necessity of re-calibration.  As a result, you save up to 90% maintenance costs in comparison to conventional moisture probes.