Moisture Sensors for Process Control

MESA Systems Co. offers a series of moisture measurement probes and sensors for your process control needs. Tailored for your installation and material needs, these probes and sensors are both user-friendly and intelligent. Achieve reliable quality control and higher cost-effectiveness by preventing recipe errors with precise measurements.

What are SONO sensors?

Available in a range of versions, the SONO devices are a series of moisture measurement probes and sensors. The SONO series can operate reliably in fine powders, large granular materials and even slurries. The probes and sensors measure moisture values ranging from dry to 95 percent. In addition, the SONO series is easy to integrate into process lines, conveyors, dryers or silos.

How SONO-VARIO works?:

The SONO series sensors are tailored for your intended process control application. Capable of measuring the moisture of industrial materials from wood chips to grains, these novel sensors are a new generation of moisture measurement.  Algorithms and filters allow for pre-processed measured values with adjustable settings. The standard interface of the sensor allows for straightforward connectivity to all existing control systems. Measurement values, taken at intervals of 4 per second, are transmitted to your desired batching system or local notebook computer. Interfacing to common batching control system is simple using the available analog output.


Unlike other moisture measurement probes, the SONO series sensors’ measurement field adapts to the material being measured.  Fine materials tend to contain the measurement field. Larger materials to expand measurement field which penetrates further into the material volume. By selecting a material specific calibration materials or all size and shape can be measured. In addition to the adaptive measurement field feature, SONO sensor electronics are not influence by material temperature or color. Furthermore, even in the event of abrasion at the probe head, the automatic measurement compensation feature enables significantly longer operating periods without the necessity of re-calibration. Achieve reliable quality control and higher cost-effectiveness by preventing recipe errors with precise measurements.

SONO-VARIO Technology:

All SONO-VARIO sensors use TRIME® TDR-method for moisture measurement, more commonly known as Guided Wave Radar or Cable Radar. Cable Radar uses a high frequency low voltage pulse that travels along a radar track, embedded in the surface of a SONO-VARIO sensor. The pulses travel close to the speed of light generating a measurement field that propagates in slices out from the sensor’s surface, similar to computer tomographic (CT-scan) but for moisture measurement.

Please contact MESA Systems Co. for guidance on which moisture measurement device is the best fit for your application and installation.