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The latest from MESA is: The quality of fresh concrete is crucial for stability and durability of concrete structures. Of particular importance are the two parameters water content and water/cement ratio in order to achieve the desired quality. Up until now, samples required drying and the water/cement ratio determined with material log records.

SONO-WZ can determine the water content in fresh cement directly on-site, in a matter in minutes. Simply place the innovative SONO-WZ lance-style probe in a bucket of fresh concrete and achieve reliable measurement results within 1 to 2 minutes. The SONO-WZ sensor covers water content ranges of different types of concrete with slump values > 30-mm (1.1-inch). Accuracy of up to 1-3 Liter/m3 (1.68 - 5.05 Pounds/cubic yard) can be achieved.

The SONO-WZ works with state-of-the-art TRIMEĀ® TDR-method (Time-Domain-Reflectometry) based on radar technology. In long-term collaboration with scientific institutions the TRIMEĀ® technology was established with scientific discoveries and new, innovative and patented methods. Automatic averaging with 4 to 5 single measurements ensures the measurement of a representative material mix. With the SONO-WZ precise and reliable results of water content of fresh concrete mixtures are displayed within few minutes.

Determination of the radar based electrical conductivity EC TRIME which allows an evaluation of the used cement type. As user you can thus quickly see what is going on concerning the used cement type and if this value corresponds to the expected exposure class.

SONO-WZ is already delivered with a universal calibration which provides reliable results for most used concrete types. Or a user can adjust the SONO-WZ for special concrete recipes.

A user can obtain not only the percent moisture value, but also the water content in Liter/m3 or Pounds/cubic yard. Correct for mass density is possible by entering the values in to the SONO-DIS hand-held measurement device.

Both durable and waterproof construction of SONO-WZ and SONO-DIS ensures safe handling even under difficult environmental condition.

In recent decades concrete types have been optimized with different additives, like self-compacting concrete, fair faced concrete, light-weight concrete, heavy concrete etc. All these variety of different concrete types can be covered by SONO-WZ.

Please review the technical literature for greater details.