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Product Lines

Aggregate & Fresh Concrete Moisture Measurement Devices

MIX-MINI Sensor for Intensive Concrete Mixers
SONO-MIX Sensor for Concrete Mixers
SONO-VARIO for Sand and Fine Aggregate
SONO-VARIO Xtrem (Carbide)
SONO-WZ the Water/Cement Analyzer for Fresh Concrete
The HD2-Kit: A Hand-held Portable System for Aggregate Moisture Measurements

Inductive Power/Data Coupling Devices

INPUD-SLK 100 Watts of power & bus repeater

Process Moisture Measurement Devices

SONO-Config software for setting up any SONO moisture sensor
SONO-GS1 for Low density
SONO-VARIO for Bulk Materials
SONO-VARIO LD for Granular Materials
TRIME GW for Grains

TDR Soil Moisture Devices

PICO-BT Module
PICO32 Soil Moisture Probe
PICO64 Soil Moisture Probe
T3 44-mm Tube Access Probe
T3-50 Tube Access Probe + PICO IPH
TRIME HD Analog Meter