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Aggregate and Fresh Concrete Moisture Sensors

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Achieve the highest accuracy and repeatability possible with the SONO-series of sensors, designed for measuring the moisture of construction aggregates and fresh concrete,sand. The novel SONO series sensors are a new generation of moisture sensors, based on twenty-five years of sensor development know how, customer relations and manufacturing experience. Special attention was places on the material and construction of the SONO series sensors, with each sensor especially robust and wear-resistant and suited for its intended application.

Process Moisture Measurement Devices

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Process moisture measurement applications require rugged sensor designs, flexible field programming, process interfaces modules and material specific calibrations. MESA's collaboration with process engineers at the plant and corporate level has solved many unique applications having high temperatures and pressures, interrupted sample flow, and hazardous environments. Every process environment is unique and MESA offers a broad range of solutions to support standard and unique applications.

TRIME TDR Soil Moisture Measurement Devices

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Soil moisture measurement devices based on the TDR (Time Domain Reflectometry) technique are available exclusively in North America, from MESA. Designed for portable field determination of moisture measurement in soil, the TRIME system offers a wide selection of useful probe configurations for accurate site survey, depth profile and continuous data logging applications.

InductivePower/Data Coupling Devices
With or w/o Data Communications

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The MESA air gap inductive power transfer and data coupling device are used on rotating and indexing machinery and equipment to transfer power on to and data off the mobile section of the equipment to stationary control devices, without contact. Machine tools, packaging equipment, food processing equipment and specialty industrial machinery are now using the MESA system for continuous temperature, strain, digital and other sensor coupling applications. The MESA is fast, reliable and truly maintenance free even in demanding environments.