SONO-Config software for setting up any SONO moisture sensor

Free utility software for selecting a calibration, averaging method and time, making offset adjustments and simulating the sensor’s analog outputs to a control system..

Below you may find links to download utility software and drivers for SONO sensors. The MS Windows-based software can be used for communicating with any SONO sensor via the RS-485 interface or the SONO-VIEW.

The software allows you to select a calibration (15-standard preinstalled calibrations), adjust the offset and set the averaging method and time. If a sensor is connected to a batching or control system, using the analog outputs, it is possible to set the scale of the outputs over a desired range, then simulate the outputs to confirm the correct scaling. Analog output simulation is commonly used when commissioning a new sensor.

When making adjustment or setting changes to a sensor it is important to review the manual and or contact our office to confirm you making the correct changes. It is also possible to log and save to a file moisture readings, to your computer which can be viewed or electronically transferred.

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