SONO-VARIO for Sand and Fine Aggregate

SONO-VARIO for precise on-line moisture measurements of sand and aggregates up to 5/32-inch (4-mm) diameter.

The SONO-VARIO sensor is designed for precise moisture measurements of sands and fine aggregates up to 5/32-inch (4-mm) diameter, used in the production of concrete and asphalt. The SONO VARIO probe is produced using abrasion resistant stainless steel and ceramic measurement window.

For large diameter aggregate (gravel and crushed stone) the SONO-VARIO Xtrem (Carbide) are recommended – Details can be found on the next product page. For the best possible results always install the SONO-VARIO below a clam-gate, on a conveyor or a weigh belt.

The SONO-VARIO offers fast and smooth averaged moisture output values (4 per second) allow for accurate real-time averaged moisture values. Select one of our 15 standard linear calibrations, stored in the sensor, for your material type and installation.

SONO sensors are truly user friendly and intelligent. Measured values are pre-processed using algorithms and filters with all setting being selectable and adjustable. Setting up and simulating the analog output is simple and commonly used during commissioning. As a sensor’s face wares due to abrasion the automatic measurement compensation feature offers significantly longer operating periods without the necessity of recalibration. When a SONO-VARIO requires service, the sensor can be recalibrated in air and water.

Interfacing to common batching control system is simple using the selectable analog output. The most common analog output is a current loop 4…20mA or a voltage of 0…5 or 0….10 VDC, scaled to 0…20% moisture. Selection of any calibration, analog output, range scale and all other settings needed for setup, adjustment and simulation can be accessed using the SONO-VIEW. The SONO-VIEW can be wired to up to four (4) SONO sensors, to display each individual sensor’s moisture reading. If a local display is not required then the optional USB interface module, a notebook computer and free software will give you access to all the same settings, adjustments and parameters, available in the SONO-VIEW.

All SONO sensors use TRIME® TDR-method for moisture measurement, more commonly known as Guided Wave Radar or Cable Radar. Cable Radar uses a high frequency low voltage pules that travels along a radar track, imbedded in the surface of a SONO sensor. The pulses travel close to the speed of light generating a measurement field that propagates in slices out from the sensor’s surface, similar to computer tomographic (CT-scan) but for moisture measurement.

Uniquely the measurement field of SONO sensor adapts to the material being measured. Sand and similar fine materials tend to contain the measurement field. Larger diameter gravel or stones allow the measurement field to expand and penetrate further into the material volume. By selecting a material specific calibration aggregate from fine sand to 1-1/4” stone can be measured. In addition to the adaptive measurement field feature, cable radar and SONO sensor electronics are not influence by material temperature or color.

Product Data Sheet, Technical Manual and Application Notes can be found in the links under Documentation.

Video of the SONO-VARIO Xtrem on a conveyor.

Video of the SONO-VARIO Xtrem under a hopper gate

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