Aggregate & Fresh Concrete Moisture Measurement Devices

The SONO moisture sensors are on-line and mobile devices designed for accurate measurements of aggregates, fresh concrete, RAP, and other construction materials.

The innovative SONO sensors are a new generation of moisture measurement devices based on 25-years of sensor development know how, customer relations and manufacturing experience. Special attention has been places on the materials and construction of the SONO sensors, with each sensor highly wear-resistant and tailored for an intended application.

All SONO sensors use TRIME® TDR-method for moisture measurement technology, more commonly known as Cable Radar. Cable radar’s high frequency low voltage pules travels along an imbedded radar track, at the face of a sensor that adapts to the size and shape of the material being measured. By selecting a material specific calibration, aggregate from fine sand to 1-1/4” stone can be accurately measured, without influence from material temperature or exposure to air.

To further support the construction industry, the HD2-KIT a mobile (hand-held) moisture measurement system is a quick and reliability portable tool to confirm the moisture of aggregates and RAP.

The NEW SONO-WZ is a mobile system to measure the water content of fresh concrete, on-site, in minutes.

SONO-VARIO for Sand and Fine Aggregate

SONO-VARIO for precise on-line moisture measurements of sand and aggregates up to 5/32-inch (4-mm) diameter.

SONO-VARIO Xtrem (Carbide)

For moisture measurement of all aggregates up to 1-1/4" in diameter.

SONO-MIX Sensor for Concrete Mixers

The concrete sensor to measure moisture and material composition in fresh concrete - directly in the mixer.

MIX-MINI Sensor for Intensive Concrete Mixers

The concrete sensor for moisture and electrical conductivity measurements of materials and fresh concrete, in intensive mixers

The HD2-Kit: A Hand-held Portable System for Aggregate Moisture Measurements

Including the HD2 meter, SONO-M1 probe, carrying case and accessories. Collect accurate material moisture readings of sand, gravel and stone, with the push of a button.

SONO-WZ the Water/Cement Analyzer for Fresh Concrete

Precise measurement of water content of fresh concrete mixtures. and water content per volume.


The SONO-SILO allows for exact measurement of moisture even in bulk materials with higher mineral content.


A SONO VIEW is a stand-alone display for viewing and configuring up to 12 SONO moisture probes.

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