TDR Soil Moisture Devices

TRIME TDR - Soil Moisture Measurement Devices for professionals are based on integrated TDR (Time Domain Reflectometry) technology.

Widely used for portable field determination of moisture measurements in soil, the TRIME system offers a wide selection of useful probe configurations for accurate site survey, depth profile and continuous data logging applications. For a complete overview the new BT (Bluetooth-based) devices or of all products, download our new BT-brochure or a catalog now....

TRIME HD Analog Meter

The TRIME HD HandHeld Meter powers and display the %vol output of TRIME intelligent TDR probes.

PICO-BT Module

PICO-BT, the Bluetooth® module for the PICO sensors.


The SM-USB module is designed to connect a PICO64/32 probe or PICO-IPH to a computer via the RS-485 or IMPbus interface.

PICO64 Soil Moisture Probe

The PICO64 is one of TRIME's new intelligent TDR probes for monitoring volumetric moisture + temperature in soil and other porous materials.

PICO32 Soil Moisture Probe

The PICO32 is used for monitoring volumetric moisture in soil and other porous materials in smaller volumes.

T3-50 Tube Access Probe + PICO IPH

The T3-50 Tube Access Probe plus PICO Intelligent Probe Head is designed for soil moisture profiling by depth in 2" ID Schedule 40 PVC pipe or 2-inch ID CAB Minirhizotron Camera access tubes.

T3 44-mm Tube Access Probe

The T3-44 tube access probe is a designed for vertical water content profiling in thin walled (custom polycarbonate) access tubes.


PICO-PROFILE T3PN Modular tube access profile probe Accurate Moisture and Salinity Measurements in selected Soil Profiles

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