Inductive Power/Data Coupling Devices

MESA's inductively coupled devices transfer power and data across a small air-gap without mechanical contact. The stationary module inductively transfers power to a rotating, indexing or a fixed mobile module. The mobile module rectifies the power, making it available to power sensors, heaters, cameras, valves, motors, microprocessors or charge batteries. If a system includes data coupling the data is transferred digitally. Communications can be formatted serially, as a databus or simple binary signals.

Inductively coupled devices operate reliably in demanding environments. You will find our devices underwater, in vacuum chambers, ultra clean environments, covered with grease or mud and on equipment spinning at high rpm. Without moving parts to ware out, our devices are truly maintenance free.

Our devices range in size for a few mm to a meter in diameter. A system can be simple, coupling only power or complex having multiple air-gaps, full duplex interface or CAN bus coupling. Some of our current products are described in the individual product pages. Many of our customer has unique electrical or mechanical requirements requiring a custom design. Please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your special application.

INPUD-SLK 100 Watts of power & bus repeater

INPUD-SLK is a flexible solution that inductively transfers both power (100 W) and data (serial bus) in the near field, without contact.

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