T3 44-mm Tube Access Probe

The T3-44 tube access probe is designed for vertical water content profiling in thin walled (custom polycarbonate) access tubes.

The T3 has a cylindrical PVC-body, which has four spring-mounted, curved aluminum plates located on opposite sides of the probe body. Each set of plates function as TDR-wave guides (like a traditional rod-probe), that presses against the inside of the access tube once the probe is inserted. The tube access probe is designed to measure from the inside of the special 44-mm plastic access tubes, adjusting to the desired location for measurement. New generation TRIME® TDR technology paired with MESA’s 25 years of sensor development know how and moisture measurement experience yield accurate readings with the highest repeatability possible.


Below soil use, designed for vertical water content profiling in thin walled (custom polycarbonate) access tubes and scientific research


Soil and other porous materials, vertical profiling up to depth of 3-meters

  • Straightforward field management of all measured data and data files
  • Access to tube installation is conveniently accomplished using a specially developed auger/drilling tube insertion set
  • Accurate real-time averaged moisture values in seconds
  • Significantly longer operation periods without the necessity of re-calibration and maintenance
  • Factory calibrated
  • Requires a PICO Intelligent Probe Head (IPH) for operation. The PICO IPH contains the intelligent TDR curve analyzing electronics, as well as, a rugged semi-rigid cable to position the T3-44 to the desired depth in the access tube
  • Multiple interface capabilities
Interface Options:
  • TRIME PICO-BT Bluetooth module paired with smart-phone or tablet running our Android App, convenient for field data management
  • HD2 Meter, convenient for field data management
  • SM-USB Bus, designed for lab environments

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